Lekan A.

Frontend Developer | Fullstack Software Engineer | Senior Frontend Engineer at Coretava

Olalekan abdulfatah frontend / react developer in Nigeria, Africa

I'm Lekan, a software engineer, Cat lover, apprenant le français et j'habite à Lagos, au Nigeria. Oui Oui!!! Je peux Parle le francais un peux.

You see, while I'm armed with an extensive experience in front-end technologies, my journey extends beyond web development, encompassing a diverse skill set and technical know how that includes data structures, algorithms, software testing, Server side programming, cloud computing, devops , and ongoing exploration of programming languages like Python, and a tint idea of Golang + Rust. My ultimate goal is to contribute to cutting-edge projects on a global scale and become a world class software engineer known for an exceptional solution oriented mindset, problem solving skills and the ability to built working scalable and maintainable software.